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Exit poll: Likud 37, Blue and White 33. Benjamin Netanyahu defeats Benny Gantz with striking 60-seat bloc.

With polls closing across Israel, exit polls published by Channel 12 News show that the Likud party has won 37 Knesset seats while the Blue and White party has won 33 seats.

The Joint Arab List won 14 seats, Shas nine seats, United Torah Judaism seven seats, Yamina seven, Labor-Gesher-Meretz seven, and Yisrael Beyteinu six seats.

According to the exit poll, the right-wing bloc received 60 seats, one shy of the 61 majority necessary to form a coalition.

A Channel 13 News exit poll also showed the right-wing bloc winning 60 seats. The poll also found that the Likud won 37 seats, while Blue and White won 32 seats.

According to the Channel 13 poll, the Joint Arab List won 14 seats, Shas nine, Yisrael Beyteinu eight, United Torah Judaism eight, Yamina six, and Labor-Gesher-Meretz six seats.

A Kan News exit poll had the Likud slightly lower at 36 seats, while the Blue and White party won 33 seats.

According to the Kan News poll, the third largest party is the Joint Arab List led by Ayman Odeh with 15 seats. Shas won nine seats, United Torah Judaism eight seats, Yamina seven seats, Yisrael Beyteinu six seats, and Labor-Gesher-Meretz six seats.

All three exit polls predict that the right-wing bloc will win 60 seats in total.

Shortly after the exit polls showing Likud beating the left-wing alliance Blue and White 37 to 34 in the seat projections, Netanyahu tweeted the words “Thank you” with a picture of a red heart.