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Facebook censoring criticism of Airbnb’s anti-Israel ban


Originally from Manchester, the Portnoy brothers Sruli and Mendy began performing as a duo in 1990, and are currently located in the Jerusalem corridor, just west of the Israeli capital.

“On Wednesday afternoon at 3pm we uploaded a short song we wrote, which was directed at Airbnb for their recent, blatantly anti-Semitic policies,” the band wrote in a Facebook post.

“We included a subtle, polite suggestion that they stay out of politics or people would boycott them, in the same way that they attempted to boycott Israel. It went viral.

“We had never seen anything like it. And then just like the kind of magic trick that leaves you feeling violated, Facebook removed our video (without any prior warning or justification). Vanished into thin air.

“We won’t be bullied and we want the truth to be heard loud and clear; so we went into the studio today to re-record a full length studio version of the song.”

Online rental marketplace Airbnb announces end to service in Judea and Samaria with new ‘occupied territories’ rules.

About 200 homes in Judea and Samaria had been listed on Airbnb prior to the announcement. Anti-Israel activists have long targeted Airbnb for including listings in so-called “illegal settlements” in Judea and Samaria.

The company announced in a blogpost that it had developed a new five point checklist for handling listings in “occupied territories.” and had “concluded that we should remove listings in Israeli settlements in the occupied West Bank that are at the core of the dispute between Israelis and Palestinians.”