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Fauci should be investigated over Rand Paul’s allegations he lied to Congress, but the Democrats won’t let that happen – yet

Dr. Anthony Fauci has become less and less popular as the COVID-19 pandemic has gone on. His policy prescriptions have often been wishy-washy, contradictory, and sometimes even redundant. He recently suggested that people should start wearing masks again even after they have been fully vaccinated. For all we Americans know, next week his opinion could be completely different.

Many Americans wish that the man would just go away, but I’m afraid that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Less than a week ago, Dr. Fauci and Senator Rand Paul (who is also a physician) had a heated exchange in the Senate. The back and forth between both men was in reference to the Wuhan lab leak theory and whether or not the National Institute of Health ever funded gain-of-function research. The back and forth made national headlines, given the aggression displayed by both men.

As a response, Sen. Paul has recommended that there be a criminal investigation into Dr. Fauci regarding whether or not he lied to Congress.

Though I believe Sen. Paul is doing the right thing here, I doubt Attorney General Merrick Garland is actually going to spend any time looking into whether or not Dr. Fauci lied to Congress. In fact, I have a feeling that Sen. Paul will be completely and totally ignored by the Attorney General.

Let’s be frank about this. The frustrations Americans have with Dr. Fauci are completely warranted. The man has been nothing but inconsistent, and he continues to cram himself down the throats of Americans who just wish they could move on from the nightmare they’ve lived through this past year and a half. There’s quite a few people that likely wouldn’t shed a single tear if they were being punished for lying to Congress, but there’s more of a chance that we’re going to discover Middle Earth in the next 30 days.

The fact of the matter is that the Biden administration loves Dr. Fauci.

They don’t just see him as someone who will make nice little policy prescriptions that just happened to increase the amount of power and influence the government has over the lives of Americans.

They see him as someone that they can use as an optics tool against Republicans.

After this recommendation from Sen. Paul, you can look forward to someone within the Biden administration painting the senator as some sort of a big bad wolf.

I believe they’re setting Fauci up to be a martyr.

They want to continue to capitalize on the “Republicans pounce” narrative that is sown by the mainstream media, that way they can make up lost ground in preparation for the midterms in 2022.

Democrats will continue to defend Fauci against Republican attacks until it becomes expedient for them not to, at which point he will be flung to the wolves and the narrative will shift like the wind.

This cynical game will only serve to further entrench people into their camps, once again diminishing any hopes of ending the continuous polarization of US politics.

Fauci is safe, for now, but he would do well to remember his political survival is solely based on how politically useful he is to those really running the show.

Source: Micah Curtis – RT