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Yesterday, the most disconcerting of all the videos shown on the stage, however, came near the end of the pro-Netanyahu three-hour rally.

Set to more eerie music, this clip showed floating words over a Matrix-style graphic picked out from the terrifying text being read out by a deep booming voice. It’s worth quoting in full.

“FEAR,” opened the clip as the word emerged from the Matrix.

“I want for a moment to talk about the fear. Yes, the fear. The fear of a crime family. But not a Mizrahi one. I want for a moment to talk about the fear. The fear of lawbreakers, but not from a broken neighborhood. They are not just lawbreakers, the are the law creators. They are the law and they are above the law because only they can interpret it, however they want,” the voice continued, as more words floated across the screen.

“I want for a moment to talk about the fear. The fear of an elite rule. Sick. Dark. Fear of a dark dictatorship with its own agenda. one that was never elected and that we are never under any circumstances allowed to criticize. And they have black cloaks and poison pens, and many, many, many soldiers. And they are working and working and working, like ants. Working, abusing, taking down, inventing, fabricating, overthrowing, boring a hole in the boat… I want for a moment to talk about the fear,” the clip ended, as far from the cheery atmosphere that opened the rally as possible.

Before finishing the event with the Hatikva national anthem, the organizers said “the next rally will be here or in Rabin Square,” the huge Tel Aviv plaza named for prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated there 24 years ago.

One protester shouted in response, “Not Rabin Square. Netanyahu Square.”