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First Saudi unit lands at Syrian oil field

DEBKAfile military sources report an significant event which has only just occurred. At week’s end, a Saudi military contingent landed for the first time at the Syrian oil fields in the eastern part of Syria, the Deir ez-Zor region.

The Saudi troops took up positions around the Omar oil field, the largest in the country. They provided security for engineers and technicians of the Saudi State Aramco company who arrived to repair the pumping equipment disabled during the war years. The Saudi oil operation and troops at Omar oil field are being secured in their turn by US military, US air units and Syrian Democratic Forces.

Although the Saudi contingent is small, is arrival in Syria is a historic event of the highest order. The takeover of Syria’s largest oil field by a Saudi military force under an American umbrella is a regional game changer, which affords them both an advantage against Russia, Iran and Syria.