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FM: ‘NATO should use Turkey-Ukraine bloc to confront Russia in Black Sea.’ Turkish drones ‘game changer’ in Donbass war

Cooperation between Turkey in Ukraine is vital for security in the Black Sea region, Kyiv’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said Thursday.

“Ukraine and Turkey are developing a clear vision for the future security of the Black Sea region,” Kuleba wrote in an article for Atlantic Council, an American think tank.

“It is time for NATO to begin viewing this Ukrainian-Turkish partnership as a valuable supplementary force that can help provide security and stability in the region,” he stressed.

Only joint action by NATO including ally Turkey “will make it possible to prevent the Black Sea from falling under Russian dominance and becoming subject to Moscow’s destabilizing activities.”

“Priority cooperation initiatives currently include large infrastructure projects and the joint production of Turkish Bayraktar drones, while plans are also evolving to unite efforts in the production of Ukrainian Antonov aircraft,” he added.

Most recently, Ukraine’s defense ministry late Tuesday published a video of what it said was its first use of the Turkish-made TB2 Bayraktar drone in the conflict, targeting artillery.

The introduction of the drone is a potential game-changer in the yearslong conflict, considering that Turkish drones were used by Azerbaijan last year to overpower Armenia’s army in Nagorno-Karabakh – another frozen post-Soviet conflict.

Source: Rick Rozoff – ABTI-BELLUM