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Israel Foreign Ministry prepares for life after the coronavirus

An internal assessment document attached to the Foreign Ministry’s Political Planning Division outlines a bleak future for the world as a result of the corona crisis.

However, there is also an optimistic element – Israel may actually further strengthen its political and economic status as a result of the crisis, according to Israel Hayom.

The document was authored by more than 20 diplomats and foreign ministry experts in the past month. It has been referred to many elements in the various branches of the ministry, and has also undergone edits and improvements.

At the heart of the document is the assessment that the global, open, completely free-trade village will not remain so after the coronavirus.

It is estimated that the world is marching into an economic crisis that is reminiscent of the Great Depression of the late 1920s and early 1930s.

The global economic crisis is expected, among other things, to reduce gas demand, thus hurting a major export industry that Israel intended to rely on in the coming years.