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Former Director of Health Ministry, Professor Yoram Lass: “There’s no epidemic in Israel”

Prof. Yoram Lass stated Thursday on radio 103FM that there was no epidemic in Israel,

Lass was asked how he could tell this was the case, to which he answered, “The Central Bureau of Statistics publishes monthly data on the number of deaths in Israel and there have been 3,700 a month.”

“Every child understands that for it to be a pandemic, it requires much higher numbers. That’s what we’re seeing in Europe, the United States, but not in Israel, the PA, or Middle East as a whole,” he said.

“The number of virus victims in Israel has been absolutely stable, and in June, the number [of deaths], that number, was even down a bit as compared to previous years. We don’t have a plague here at the moment,” claimed Lass.

In another section of the radio program, Professor Lass praised the actions of Projector of the battle against COVID-19 in Israel, Prof. Roni Gamzu.

“This week, with the help of Prof. Gamzu, we can see a return to normal. Gamzu isn’t taking advice from all the crazy experts that, going on directions from Prime Minister Netanyahu, have done us more harm than good. Let’s wish him success in this endeavor and may he follow the path of logic.”

Source: Arutz Sheva