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Former Health Minister: Closure intended to cover government COVID-19 management failure

Former Health Minister Chaim Ramon today attacked government COVID-19 policy, saying the lockdown is “intended to cover their complete failure to manage the crisis and escape responsibility.”

Ramon tweeted:

“1. Some facts that most of you do not know about the health care system: In Rishon Lezion, a coronavirus hospital has been established with 350 beds for critically ill patients. It has been empty for more than a month.”

“770 beds were prepared at Rambam Hospital for coronavirus patients. They stand empty. In total, since it was determined that the red line stands at 800 critically ill patients, about 1,400 beds have been added to the system.”

“2. The claim that there is no medical staffs is baseless. Seven thousand doctors and 15,000 nurses have retired in the last 5 years. Many of them want to go back and work. The Health Ministry has so far prevented their return. Integrating them can solve the medical manpower shortage.”

“3. The heads of Hadassah Shaare Zedek Hospital, Sheba, and Laniado claimed tonight that the system is not collapsing. Since April, the health system has received NIS 13.6 billion [3.94 billion USD]. The Health Ministry refuses to specify what the money was spent on. It also refuses to give significant data related to the outbreak.”

“4. The Health Ministry’s demand to impose a closure is intended to cover their complete failure to manage the crisis and escape responsibility. I am sorry that Prime Minister Netanyahu and his ministers are adopting this policy, which will bring upon us a health and economic disaster.”

Earlier, the Prime Minister’s office, Health Ministry, and government submitted a response to the Supreme Court petition against the lockdown submitted on behalf of a number of medical, science, academia, law, journalism personages, and citizens.

The response says: “The petitioners claim that the Health Ministry does not publish disease data and that there is no transparency of data on which the Ministry of Health is based in determining its policy. This claim of the petitioners is not true.”

The petitioners requested the opportunity to respond to the government’s response.

Source: Mordechai Sones – Arutz Sheva