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France bans gatherings “Due to Heatwave” as Germany mulls Annual Mask Mandate – and China uses COVID app to Target Protestors

Sceptical blogger Eugyppius has spotted the creeping normalisation of draconian COVID measures to address other ‘public health’ issues.

The BBC reports that outdoor public events have been banned in an area of France – because of the heat, I kid you not.

Outdoor public events have been banned in an area of France as a record breaking heatwave sweeps across Europe.

In Gironde, officials said public events, including some of the official June 18th Resistance celebrations, will be prohibited from Friday at 2pm “until the end of the heat wave”. Indoor events at venues without air-conditioning are also banned.

Private celebrations, such as weddings, will still be allowed.

“Everyone now faces a health risk,” local official Fabienne Buccio told France Bleu radio.

  • Then we hear that the German Federal Government is considering making face masks compulsory in October, just because it’s October.

In preparing new infection control measures, the Federal Government is intensively discussing a general obligation to wear a mask beginning in October… Part of the coalition Government favours introducing a so-called “O-to-O” [“Oktober bis Ostern” – “October to Easter”] rule, which up to now has been used primarily for motorists, requiring winter tyres on the roads between October and Easter. In future, a similar rule could apply to indoor mask mandates during this period.

In response to a question from Welt on Sunday, the Chancellor’s Office said that such a rule was being considered among various possible regulations for upcoming amendments of the Infection Protection Act…

  • A seasonal mask requirement would be an attempt to curb other respiratory infections besides COVID-19, supporters of the plan say.

Eugyppius comments that “everything crazy internet people told you about why lockdowns were a bad idea is coming true”.

The most destructive aspects of containment have been retired, but for what remains, they don’t even bother with Corona as an excuse anymore. All you need is a heat wave to ban mass gatherings in France now; public health officials just have to declare that “Everyone faces a health risk”, and that’s it, your right to assemble is voided. The lunatic German Government, meanwhile, is feverishly trying to make masks a permanent feature of winter life, even if SARS-2 disappears tomorrow. Masks might “curb … respiratory infections”, and that’s all you need to mandate face coverings in a major central European country these days.

Eugyppius’s post is worth reading in full.

  • Meanwhile in China – the trendsetter in modern public health measures – increasing numbers of people are finding their COVID app turning red without explanation after they tried to protest the earlier (also unexplained) freezing of their savings.

A red app code means the person is barred from access to all public places, including shops and train stations, and faces mandatory quarantine in a centralised isolation centre. It looks very much like the Chinese Government is using its COVID surveillance system to target protestors.

  • Another idea for the German Government, perhaps. Papiere Bitte!