France no longer receiving Russian pipeline gas

Gas flow from Germany to France has been halted, French gas transmission system operator GRTgaz reported on Friday, adding that the nation hadn’t received any natural gas from Russia via the pipeline since June 15.

The operator also said that French gas storage facilities were filled to 56% of capacity, up from 19% in mid-March, stressing that France wouldn’t face any difficulties in meeting summer demand for the energy source.

France receives nearly 17% of its gas from Russia through network connections with Germany, which relies heavily on Russian energy supplies.

The cut-off in Russian deliveries to France follows similar curtailments in Gazprom’s supply to Germany and Italy.

European importers of Russian gas have condemned Gazprom’s move as “political”, saying that the Kremlin uses energy to punish EU member states for supporting Ukraine.

  • Russian gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream pipeline have reportedly been reduced by 60% this week, sending prices for the fuel soaring. On Thursday, Dutch wholesale gas prices, the European benchmark, surged to more than $1,500 per thousand cubic meters for the first time since April.

Source: RT

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