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French government to detail plans for easing lockdown measures

The French government will detail to parliament on Tuesday how it plans to pull the country out of the coronavirus lockdown that has plunged the eurozone’s second-largest economy into a deep and alarming freeze.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe tweets that he will unveil the “national deconfinement strategy” in an address at the National Assembly. Lawmakers will get to debate the blueprint before voting on it.

The government has for weeks had teams of experts working on finding a balance between restarting the economy without provoking a second surge of COVID-19 infections that could overwhelm hospital ICUs.

French President Emmanuel Macron had already announced that France’s lockdown, in place since March 17 and among the strictest in Europe, would begin to ease from May 11.

Philippe’s long-awaited speech will flesh out the details. He says it will cover six themes: health, schooling, work, shops, transport and gatherings.

Parents are anticipating specifics about the government’s previously announced plans for a staggered resumption of classes.

The government says parents will be given the option of continuing to home-school kids if they prefer.

Source: AP