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French Sanofi gives up mRNA COVID-19 vaccine development over saturated market

French pharmaceutical Sanofi halts the development of its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine without launching the third trial phase as the market is expected to be saturated by the end of the year, Executive Vice President Thomas Triomphe told France Press Agency on Tuesday.

However, the company is certain that the vaccines will not be available until year’s end when about 12 billion different vaccine doses will appear in the market, according to Triomphe.

“The need is not to create new mRNA COVID-19 vaccines, but to provide France and Europe with an arsenal of mRNA vaccines for the next pandemic, for new pathologies,” the official said.

Consequently, Sanofi is determined to work on vaccines with the same technology against other viruses, that will not provoke side effects, he noted.

So, the third trial phase of Sanofi COVID-19 vaccine will never take place, as “the public health care does not need another mRNA vaccine,” Triomphe added.

Earlier in the day, Sanofi made public the intermediate results of the first two phases of its mRNA vaccine trial, which it had developed jointly with the US company Translate Bio.

In two weeks after the second shot, from 91-100% of participants developed antibodies, according to the testing, and side effects were not found.

Apart from the mRNA vaccine, Sanofi is also developing another COVID-19 vaccine jointly with the UK company GSK. The testing results of the third phase are expected before the end of 2021.