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Fuego – Colinda de lacrimi (Album: Crăciunu’ nostru-i românesc)

Although the text of all colinde is concerned with the events of the Nativity, certain elements of the folk rituals performed around Christmas are probably pre-Christian in origin, having their roots in the Roman Saturnalia and pagan rituals related to the winter solstice and soil fertility.

In terms of artistic mastery of verse and melody, colinde occupy an important place in the creation of the Romanian people.

They are inspired by the Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition, by the religious services and by the iconography. Colinde have had a role in preserving and defending the Orthodox faith when heterodox proselytizing tried to break the unity of the Orthodox faith, and to dismantle, at the same time, national unity.

Header: Turnul lui Goliat, Cheia, Romania