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Gantz: ‘I’ll seek cabinet approval for state commission on submarine affair’

Blue and White fires back at Likud: Netanyahu prevented c’tee on subs, ‘now the time has come’

Defense Minister Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party returns fire at former premier Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud, after the latter bashed the defense chief for vowing to seek cabinet approval to set up an official state commission on allegedly corrupt purchases of naval vessels that several associates of the ex-prime minister were implicated in, but not Netanyahu himself.

In its earlier statement, Likud claimed Gantz recently said “dozens of times” that there was no reason to further investigate the matter.

“It appears that Likud needs to be updated about what Gantz said in recent months. The former prime minister and Likud prevented the formation of a state commission of inquiry over the last year and now the time has come to bring the matter for a thorough examination, so that Israel’s security will never be harmed,” Blue and White writes on Twitter.

Source: TOI