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Gantz said willing to form unity government, go second as PM in rotation deal

Netanyahu rival reportedly even ready to split up Blue and White, since his numbers 2 and 3 oppose option; disagreements still remain about how and when rotation will be enforced.

A second report says Benny Gantz is willing to go second as prime minister and join a unity government under Benjamin Netanyahu even at the cost of splitting the Blue and White party amid fierce internal disagreements.

Haaretz says, however, that Gantz is conditioning such a government on changing the law to enforce the rotation agreement; currently such deals are voluntary with no legal way to force a premier to resign at the end of the agreed term.

The sides also haven’t agreed on how long Netanyahu would serve as prime minister if the deal goes ahead, the report says. Netanyahu is demanding two years but Gantz is said to demand less.

The Blue and White party denies reports that Benny Gantz is willing to break up the party and join a unity government while going second in a rotation deal for the premiership.

“Negotiations with the Likud team were stopped tonight,” the party says in a statement.

“No meeting took place today and contrary to the reports, there are no agreements,” it adds. “What we have seen throughout the day is cynical spin during a great and difficult crisis for Israeli citizens.

“Next week, Likud will get a functioning Knesset for the benefit of Israel’s citizens.”