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Gantz to announce support for dissolving Knesset tonight

Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz will announce tonight his support for a bill to dissolve the Knesset and hold new elections according to sources within the party.

The Blue and White party announced earlier that Gantz would make a special announcement in Ramat Gan at 8 PM tonight.

MK Eitan Ginzburg of Blue and White stated earlier today in an interview with 103FM Radio that he believes the political system is on its way to its fourth election in about two years.

“We do not think this is a good time for elections, but in a situation where the government is not functioning optimally, and where the things being considered and taken are political and personal, those of the Likud, of the prime minister, when no budget is passed and there is no working plan,” Ginzburg said.

“If we knew there was an intention to pass a budget, that there would be a working plan, that there would be appointments, that the government could function properly to serve the citizens, and that the considerations would not be personal and political, then we would be able to avoid these elections, but the Likud is pushing us there.”

SourceArutz Sheva