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Gantz to Likud: The time for lies is over

Blue and White chairman and Defense Minister Benny Gantz on Friday wrote a post on Facebook summarizing the events of the past week.

On the crisis with the Likud, he wrote, “On the issue of the political developments – the situation is simple. I led Blue and White and formed a unity government with Netanyahu, because of two epidemics: The coronavirus epidemic and the epidemic of schism and division. And we will stay in the government only if it works to eradicate both.”

Gantz stressed, “There will be no compromises. I reiterate to the Likud that the time for lies is over – the time for actions and results has come.”

“If Netanyahu, who repeatedly violates the agreement between us, does not get it togethers, we will go to elections and make sure he is not the Prime Minister and we will continue to hold all the key positions, and exercise our egalitarian power. One that no political body from the center of the political map has had in the last decade,” the Defense Minister wrote.

“In conclusion and with a little optimism – this week I was privileged to light candles with many and diverse populations that warmed my heart – Kfir fighters, veterans, IDF orphans and of course with you, Blue and White activists. Hanukkah is an opportunity to look at the good in our society and the need for unity that the public so desires.”

Source: Arutz Sheva