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Gantz’s former company set to be investigated after election

A criminal investigation may soon be opened into the Fifth Dimension artificial intelligence company, in which Blue and White chairman Benny Gantz served as an executive, Channel 13 News reported on Wednesday.

In recent days, the Prosecutor’s Office has completed the investigation into the company, and is set to recommend that a criminal investigation be launched against various parties involved with the company.

Gantz himself is not a suspect, according to Channel 13, but other members of the company who allegedly fraudulently received funds from the police are suspects.

The investigation will likely be opened after March 2 Knesset election, the report said.

The Fifth Dimension affair was first exposed by journalist Gidi Weitz in the Haaretz newspaper and the State Comptroller later wrote a report on the subject.

The company sold an artificial intelligence system designed for the use of civilian enforcement agencies. In 2017, the police contracted with the company without a tender for the purpose of an experiment in operating the system at a cost of 4 million shekels.

Fifth Dimension closed in 2018, and all of its employees were dismissed.

While Gantz is not a suspect in the case and is not expected to be questioned under warning, he may be summoned to provide an open testimony.