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Germany funds mass immigration to Europe

Germany is the European champion of cupio dissolving.

Germany’s Minister of the Interior, Nancy Faeser, wants to massively expand foreigners’ right to vote.

In the future, refugees who have been living in Germany for six months will also have the vote, BILD reports.

  • Asylum seekers from Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia etc… should participate in the elections. Because these are countries with very solid democratic and civil traditions? Other non-EU citizens (for example from Turkey) will also have the right to vote.

Here we enter “Germanistan”, the title of the new book by journalist Henry Broder.

To combat the demographic crisis, “Germany needs 1.5 million immigrants a year”, economist Monika Schnitzer tells Welt.

  • Anyone who knows anything about how the European Union works knows that you cannot create a Commission without the Germans and that it is the Germans who decide the most important dossiers. Including migration.

We are not in the field of statistics here, but of post-modern morality. Of a morality that provides for the abolition of nation states and their identities.

They want to atone for their history by being overwhelmed by history.

Italian minister Matteo Salvini declared: “There are German institutions that give millions of euros to German NGOs to bring immigrants to Italy.”

  • 2 million euros per year from 2023 to 2026. This is how much the German NGO that brings migrants to Italy “United4rescue” should receive from the Bundestag, the German Parliament. Now, NGOs are fighting with the ministry and the government to get those funds.

But money comes to pro-immigration NGOs in many ways and the German government is not the biggest slice.

  • The city of Munich sponsored the ships of “SOS Mediterranee Deutschland”, such as the “Ocean Viking”, with 141,933 euros.
  • On the initiative of the Greens, the Cologne city administration has decided to finance a ship that brings migrants to Italy, “Sea Eye”, for four years. In April, the city of Osnabrück also gave 20,000 euros to “Sea Eye”.

And the archdiocese of Monaco is among the financiers. Cardinal Reinhard Marx has allocated 50,000 euros to support the “Sea Eye” ship, Die Welt reports.

  • Other Catholic dioceses have given 125,000 euros to the “Sea-Eye”, such as Regensburg, Paderborn and Trier. 25,000 euros from the diocese of Limburg.
  • The “Ocean Viking” ship received 84,502 euros from the district of Lüneburg this summer. Half of the sum was raised through private donations and the other half by the district council. The “Save Bochum” campaign raised 25,000 euros for the German ship “Sea Eye 4”, according to a resolution of the Bochum City Council promoted by the Green parliamentary group.

Germany funds mass immigration.

  • The mayor of Frankfurt, Peter Feldmann, and the head of the integration department, Sylvia Weber, gave a grant of 28,000 euros to “United4Rescue”.

“While I respect other cultures, I would still like to preserve my own,” famous novelist Uwe Tellkamp told the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

  • “I don’t want to be like Frankfurt, I don’t want to see the situation in Frankfurt,” referring to the city where the majority of the population is no longer made up of native Germans.

In Frankfurt, the first German city where Germans became a minority, 15 percent of the population is already of Turkish origin.

Note this other name: Bochum, whose mayor gave 25,000 euros to the ships. Bochum’s Jews have to hide their symbols in public and Die Welt reveals that a former bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden was able to design a mosque in Bochum.

They are financing the end of Europe.

The NGO “United4rescue” explains how it finds the funds:

  • “Our alliance already numbers over 800 organizations. And we are becoming more and more diverse: the cities of Karlsruhe, Frankfurt, Rostock and Siegen, a nursery, an optician and a sustainable fashion brand have been added. The number of alliance partners who are taking action even beyond this limit is impressive. Be it direct donations or creative fundraising campaigns, information evenings, discussion groups or initiatives, other alliances…”.

The newspaper Taz reports:

  • “Lawyers, shipping companies and humanitarian organizations support the project. The German Film Academy provided an office, actors such as Maria Furtwängler and Armin Rohde their face. Together with Harald Zindler and Gijs Thieme, co-founders of Greenpeace Germany. A shipping company from Leer made an expert available free of charge. And so they acquired the 33 meter long ‘Alk Explorer’, used to monitor drilling platforms off the coast of Iceland. Every month 40,000 euros will have to be collected to cover management costs.”

The Algerian novelist Boualem Sansal is right when he writes about Islam and Europe: “The need for comfort can generate submission”.

Source: Giulio Meotti – Arutz Sheva