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Germany: One dead and two resuscitations after only 90 booster shots

According to the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, there have been numerous serious complications in an old people’s home in Oberhausen after 90 booster vaccinations against Corona, including one death and two resuscitations.

“A total of nine out of 90 vaccinated people are seriously ill, most of them with cardiopulmonary problems,” Dr. Arno Theilmeier, Chairman of the Mönchengladbach Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, reported in a memo on Tuesday to colleagues.

This means that ten percent of those who have been vaccinated are now “seriously ill” and three percent died or had to be resuscitated. The incidents are worrying because “there is currently neither a drug approval by the EMA (European Medical Association) nor a STIKO recommendation for these booster vaccinations”.

“I would like to ask you to make a medical decision yourself whether you prefer to wait for approval or a recommendation, or whether the third vaccinations are now so urgent for your own patients that you have to do them without a recommendation,” Theilmeier said.

Theilmeier’s curious lack of concern for these patients did not go unnoticed.

“It is irritating that the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians is apparently not concerned about serious illnesses in ten percent or death or near-death in three percent of people vaccinated with the third dose, but rather focuses on the liability of doctors,” the deputy group leader of the AfD, Beatrix von Storch, commented.

“This document is the perfect example of medical ethics. A policy that directly or indirectly forces people to expose themselves to such a risk is fundamentally wrong.”

The Westdeutscher Rundfunk, a regional public broadcaster, reported on booster problems on Tuesday — but without mentioning the dead person and the two resuscitations.

In a similar incident, the Berlin opera singer Bettina Ranch, who had to be hospitalized after her COVID-19 shot, complained on social media about her doctor’s treatment.

According to the Berliner Zeitung, he had refused to report the vaccine side effects. He told her:

“If I have to report all of this, I would close the practice. I don’t have time for that.”

After the jab, she suffered from headaches, chills, and changes in her singing and speaking voice. Ranch then consulted several doctors. They diagnosed “an ataxia (disorder of movement coordination)” as well as a “slight facial nerve palsy”.