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Giorgio Agamben: Speech in the Senate on 7 October 2021

I will focus only on two points, which I would like to bring to the attention of the parliamentarians who will have to vote on the conversion of the decree into law.

The first is the evident – I stress evident – contradiction of the decree in question.

You know that the government with a special decree-law, known as the “penal shield”, no. 44 of 2021, now converted into law, has exempted itself from any responsibility for the damage caused by vaccines.

How serious these damages can be. results from the fact that article 3 of the decree explicitly mentions articles 589 and 590 of the criminal code, which refer to manslaughter and negligent injuries.

As authoritative jurists have noted, the State does not feel that it is taking responsibility for a vaccine that has not completed the testing phase and yet, at the same time, tries to force citizens to vaccinate by all means, otherwise excluding them from social life and , now, with the new decree that you are called to vote on, even depriving them of the opportunity to work.

Is it possible to imagine a situation that is legally and morally more abnormal?

How can the State accuse of irresponsibility those who choose not to get vaccinated, when it is the same State that formally declines all responsibility for the possible serious consequences – remember the mention of articles 589 and 590 of the criminal code of the vaccine?

I would like the parliamentarians to reflect on this contradiction which, in my opinion, constitutes a real legal monstrosity.

The second point to which I would like to draw your attention does not concern the medical problem of the vaccine, but the political one of the Greenpass, which must not be confused with that (we have made vaccines of all kinds in the past, without being obliged to show a certificate for each our movement).

It has been said by scientists and doctors that the Green Pass has no medical significance in itself, but serves to force people to get vaccinated.

On the other hand, I believe that the opposite can and must also be affirmed, namely that the vaccine is actually a means of forcing people to have a Green Pass, that is, a device that allows them to control and track their movements to an unprecedented extent.

Political scientists have long known that our societies have moved from the model that used to be called “disciplinary society” to that of “control companies”, based on a virtually unlimited digital control of individual behavior, which thus becomes quantifiable in an algorithm.

We are now getting used to these control devices – but how far are we willing to accept that this control goes? Is it possible that the citizens of a supposedly democratic society find themselves in a worse situation than that of the citizens of Stalin’s Soviet Union? You know that Soviet citizens were required to show a “propiska” to travel from one country to another, but we also have to do it to go to the cinema or restaurant – and now, much more seriously, to go to the workplace.

Everything suggests that the decree-laws that follow one another as if they were emanating from a single person, must be framed in a process of transformation the institutions and government paradigms that is all are the more insidious since, as had happened for fascism , takes place without altering the text of the Constitution.

The model that is thus progressively eroded and canceled is that of [the] parliamentary democracies, with their rights and their constitutional guarantees, replaced [with] a paradigm [which] government takes over, in the name of biosecurity and control, [in which] individual freedoms are destined to suffer increasing limitations.

The exclusive concentration of attention on “infections” and health [measures] prevents us from perceiving the Great Transformation that is taking place in the political sphere and from realizing that, as the governments themselves never tire of reminding people, security and emergency are not transitory [phenomena], but they constitute the new forms of governmentality.

In this perspective, it is more urgent than ever for parliamentarians to consider with extreme attention [to] the transformation [which is] underway; [which] in the long run is destined to empty [the] Parliament from its powers, reducing it, as it is now happening, [just] to approve in the name of biosecurity, decrees that emanate from organizations and people who have very little to do with Parliament.

Source: Giorgio Agamben – QUODLIBET