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Global isolation decision came at request of United States

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence requested of Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu in a telephone conversation between them Monday that Israel’s new home isolation policy not focus only on the U.S. and several other European countries but will include all countries of the world, Channel 13 News reports.

U.S. officials said Pence indicated to Netanyahu that they understood Israel’s situation, but that if it focused only on the U.S. and a few European countries, it would look bad and would be poorly received by U.S. authorities.

Pence added that no country has so far announced restrictions related to U.S. flights and therefore an Israeli focus on it could result in wider implications.

Israeli officials said the conversation with Pence strengthened the Prime Minister’s decision to support the new Health Ministry’s isolation policy, which he declared this evening that every Israeli who returned from abroad should enter a 14-day home isolation.

The decision to isolate Israelis from abroad takes effect immediately, while the decision to isolate foreigners entering Israel takes effect in 72 hours.