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Google Announces Site Kit plugin now in Developer Beta

It provides a dashboard that displays how well a site is doing with various Google tools, such as Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights, packaged as a one-stop solution.

Site Kit will give WordPress users access to information and stats from Google tools directly inside the dashboard. Instead of having to log into multiple Google services to hunt down site performance and page traffic information, this plugin aggregates the most data and puts it  inside the WordPress admin where it is most relevant.

The Site Kit plugin is still under active development on GitHub and beta testers will need to be familiar with the Google Cloud Platform and OAuth in order to get started.

The setup experience is not user-friendly but rather geared towards getting feedback on the plugin’s current features. Google isn’t planning on putting Site Kit on until the setup process has been improved to be a better experience for WordPress users who are not developers. The goals for the developer beta are to gather feedback on the plugin’s functionality and compatibility with other plugins.

This probably consumes a lot of resources and the main concern is the following: Google PHP library it’s a really big library.

Hope this site kit will be optimized for WordPress users and will doesn’t affect the website performance.

The is 6.2 MB on GitHub.