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Google, YouTube access issues caused by incident at Strasbourg datacenter

The issues with access to YouTube, Google and other servers, registered in Russia Wednesday, were caused by an accident in Strasbourg datacenter, not by Russia’s slowdown of access to Twitter, says Federal Service for Supervision in Telecom, IT and Mass Communications.

“The issues with access to international services of Google, YouTube and a number of others that users in Russia could have faced on March 10, were caused by an accident in a major European datacenter in Strasbourg,” the Federal Service told TASS.

The datacenter accident “is not connected to the agency’s actions on restriction of speed of access to the Twitter social platform in Russia,” the watchdog said.

According to the DownDetector website, disruptions in abovementioned resources were registered in Western Europe, Japan and the US East Coast.

The website reported that the OVH hosting provider datacenters suffered a fire.

The SBG2 datacenter is reportedly destroyed completely, while the SBG1 datacenter suffered partial damage.

Source: TASS

Disruptions in functioning of four major Internet services occurred in Russia, according to the Downdetector website data.

YouTube suffered most disruptions: Downdetector registered 308 reports; meanwhile, 275 users reported disruptions in Google. A total of 87 reports were filed on Yandex, while MTS cell phone carrier had 74 registered disruptions.

Most Youtube users (46%) could not load the website, while 43% complained on video content malfunctions; 9% reported inability to log in. Google users (91%) reported website operation issues, while 8% reported log in failures.

MTS users reported disruption of broadband Internet connection, while 35% complained on packet data transmission; 13% reported disruption of general cell phone communication.

Most Yandex users report website disruptions, while 19% were unable to use Yandex’s mail service.

When contacted by TASS, Yandex disclosed that “a number of Rostelecom subscribers experienced short-term difficulties with access to Yandex services,” adding that all website’s services operate normally.

Earlier, over 2,800 subscribers reported disruptions in Rostelecom operations. The service provider disclosed that disruptions were caused by equipment malfunction.

Source: TASS