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Gov. Cuomo, caught being too cute

How’s this for “the bigger they are, the harder they fall?”

For a time, he was the toast of the town, and country…and what a good-time-Charlie!

Now, New York’s Gov. Andrew Cuomo can’t get a laugh, or even a smile. People want him out, and no thanks for the memories, either.

Those were the days, only a few months ago, when the Cuomo Brothers, Andrew and CNN brother, Chris, exchanged banters that creeped out half of us, but delighted the other half of the nation, which would be the Left, which found their skit so cute and so adorable, and so right on during these tough times of COVID.

They kept yukking it up on CNN and through it all, Andrew, the governor, became a TV Star, and among women, hot property.

He was getting offers from all over the country, and he wasn’t shy about calling himself what he was…simply irresistible.

In a word, the cuteness was nauseating.

During all that time, people were dying. Elderly New Yorkers by the thousands were being sent to die of COVID inside crowded nursing homes, because?

Because Gov. Cuomo sent them there…among them war veterans and Holocaust Survivors.

That, while he assured the public that no one had a better hands-on grip on the situation than he did. He was forceful. Almost believable. Charmingly homespun.

Only the Israelis, his team suggested, were doing as good a job…and the pity of it is, to lose Cuomo is to lose a true friend of Israel. That’s a paradox we can’t escape.

Then it turned out that he had fudged the figures, so whatever the original number, of needless deaths, had to be nearly doubled…up to 15,000.

Cuomo, without evidence, blamed it all on Trump, which is what everybody did in those days when Trump was in office…only Cuomo did it better.

So, the media let him get away with it…learning from Hillary Clinton, perhaps…7,000 deaths, or 15,000 – “what difference does it make?”

The difference…in attitude…came when a number of women, one at a time, accused Cuomo of sexual harassment.

Now people paid attention…and even the nursing home scandal came under renewed scrutiny…and then something else.

Gov. Cuomo wrote a book.

Well, okay. He must have written it much earlier, while all was quiet on the western front.

Actually, no. He wrote it during the nursing home fiasco, and it was about his peerless and heroic leadership during the worst days of COVID.

So, while all his efforts and all his powers should have been directed at saving lives…Cuomo was too busy for all that…instead, writing a book.

He got paid seven figures, it is reported. People died. He got rich…but the title, given what we know, is priceless for irony…

“American Crisis: Leadership Lessons from the COVID-19 Pandemic.”

Leadership, he says. Lessons, he gives.

Seven figures? Not quite the starving writer suffering for his Art. Nor, as was said of Kerouac…” This isn’t writing. This is typing.”

First of all, where did Cuomo find the time? Ordinarily, a book takes two years, at the least, if it’s really a book and not a con job, or a hoax.

Some may remember the Clifford Irving Hoax of 1972. After Watergate, it was the biggest scandal of the year, when Irving faked an autobiography of Howard Hughes.

He got 17 months in the slammer for making up a story.

Nothing like that for Cuomo, we imagine.

Two – how did Cuomo’s publisher get conned? We read that they approached him…seeing in him the rise of a meteoric political star.

Three – how many readers got duped?

Four – Will Cuomo return the Advance? Or does he get to keep the money?

In the case of Clifford Irving, he had people, including publishers, fooled for years before the truth came out.

Apparently, people are easily conned, notably when the perfect con artist comes along.

Source: Jack Engelhard – Arutz Sheva