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Government approves emergency measures

The Israeli government on Thursday night approved in a telephone conference a set of emergency guidelines intended to reduce public activity in order to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The order declares that citizens must not leave their homes, other than for the following purposes: Work, purchasing food and medicine, medical care, demonstrations, non-organized exercise of up to five people, religious ceremonies (such as weddings and funerals), aiding the elderly, and other essential activities.

The order also states that up to two people will be permitted to travel in a private vehicle, except in cases where the travelers reside in the same household. This does not include those who work in essential places of employment.

Earlier this week, the government approved fines of 5,000 NIS ($1400) for those breaching the quarantine, and 3,000 NIS ($840) for those failing to report to the Health Ministry on entering the isolation or returning from a state requiring isolation. A 5,000 NIS ($1400) fine will be recorded for violating a police officer’s order for a dispersal of a gathering with violates the ministry’s orders.