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Governor DeSantis, Ban The Jab!

Dear Governor DeSantis and Surgeon General Dr. Ladapo,

  • You must act decisively and prohibit COVID gene therapy shots and mRNA injections in the state of Florida. The clinical data from February 28th of 2021 appear to have demonstrated that Covid shots were both, ineffective at stopping transmission, while at the same time posing a risk to those receiving COVID shots and those around them. Pfizer’s data revealed that ingredients of the shots could be transmitted via respiratory and skin contact and even posed a risk to pregnant women having a miscarriage after having skin contact with a recently injected person. There were over 42,000 adverse cases and 158,000 adverse incidents, 1223 deaths, and over 1000 side effects during this clinical trial. Although, the study claims the deaths are not due to COVID shots, time has certainly increased suspicion on the validity of that claim. This information that COVID shots were unsafe and ineffective was available to government agencies and withheld from the public. This constitutes fraud on the part of the federal government.

As governor and surgeon general you have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the public from dangerous biological agents. The ingredients of these shots are unknown and kept secret. However, physicians and researchers from around the world have reported what appears to be self assembling nano particles apparently utilizing artificial intelligence and computer circuitry, and unknown materials in these shots.

  • Birthrates are down and miscarriages are up. People are literally dropping dead and sudden adult death syndrome (SADS) is becoming commonplace. Research shows that COVID gene therapy shots may alter human DNA.
  • There is no way to measure the long-term impact this will have on the human race. Doctors have stated that it is possible that if this is a gene editing program, the human race may become extinct in a few generations.
  • The obvious deaths may be reported, but those dying of diseases that may be attributed to spike proteins from the shots are not being considered as potential COVID shot deaths. All cause mortality continues to rise. Increasingly, there appears to be a correlation between vaccination and an increase in all cause mortality.

Physicians from around the world have been warning that cancer, heart attacks, strokes, autoimmune diseases, and neurological disorders, are resulting from these shots. DOD data obtained by Renz law showed increases in these diseases, and others, among those in the military, and was reported in Senator Ron Johnson’s hearing earlier this year.

  • A recent peer reviewed article of an autopsy demonstrated brain and heart damage caused by the COVID-19 shot. Embalmers are reporting blood clots that have never been seen before and world renowned physicians are reporting that these blood clots appear semisynthetic, and that the COVID vaccination program may be a DARPA program.

As governor you must immediately direct medical examiners from across the state to perform autopsies on anyone that dies that previously received a COVID-19 injection. Arguably, the law requires it.

You must also begin a longitudinal study, examining health outcomes of the vaccinated and unvaccinated, matching groups by age and sex. This study must monitor all cause mortality, and various diseases such as cancer, heart attacks, strokes, neurological disorders, autoimmune diseases, and so on.

VAERS data shows COVID-19 shots are responsible for more deaths and injuries than all prior vaccines combined. VSAFE data, which was a voluntary program of 10 million participants, also shows that there are an enormous number of injuries from COVID shots.

  • Approximately 7.7% required medical attention after getting the shots, 25% missed work or school, and 40% had joint pain, which is a concerning autoimmune signal. There is no way to know the long-term effects.

Estimating the true number of deaths is difficult. If we go by the VAERS data, and the previous factor of only 1% getting reported, then we are looking at around a million and a half Americans dead. However, the number is potentially much higher. Only obvious cases will get reported. A person getting cancer or a heart attack a year or two after the shots will not likely draw the association to the shots.

In May of this year, at The Global COVID Summit, 17,000 of the world’s leading scientists and physicians called for COVID gene therapy mRNA shots to be pulled off the market because they pose a public health risk.

  • It was stated that COVID shots are in violation of the Nuremberg Code and constitute crimes against humanity.
  • It is not enough for the state of Florida to simply recommend against these shots. They must be prohibited. They pose a danger to those that get the shots, and also to those around them. This statement is based on the Pfizer clinical data asserting material transmission from vaccinated to unvaccinated, and the evidence that people that get COVID shots are getting graphene oxide in their blood, and the fact that those that didn’t get these shots are now often showing graphene oxide in their blood. A phenomenon never seen prior to the rollout of these mRNA gene therapies.

The state of Florida must act, or risk becoming complicit in the crime. I strongly urge you to follow the guidance of the Global COVID Summit, and prohibit COVID shots and all mRNA shots in the state of Florida.

It appears that the plan is to introduce mRNA shots widely into other vaccines. Taking action to prohibit COVID shots and all mRNA shots in the state of Florida could save millions of lives, as there may be a domino effect across the nation and the world, as other states will be forced to follow suit.

Governor DeSantis, after your unconstitutional government lockdown, you admitted that you were wrong and that the lockdown caused harm, and apologized for it. In the past, you and your administration promoted these dangerous gene therapy shots. Governor, I am assuming that you, and Surgeon General, Dr. Ladapo, were not privy to the clinical trial data that was available in April of 2021 to the federal government. Whether my suspicion that these shots are a biological weapon is correct, or not, is irrelevant. The data appears to demonstrate that these shots are a biological hazard and there is no informed consent.

Now, you must immediately cease and desist all compliance with these dangerous shots, and ban them in the state of Florida, to prevent further harm and injury.

Governor, you must impanel a grand jury to investigate hospital administrators across the state, pharmaceutical employees and executives, federal government employees, and anyone else that is responsible for these crimes against humanity, that may fall within the jurisdiction of the state of Florida.

I, like most in this state, voted for your reelection. I assure you that part of that mandate is to ban the jab! I am sure the same advisors that would advise against this action are the same advisors that told you to do the lockdown.

Respectfully, Floridians deserve immediate action. Start by hosting a roundtable of the experts that attended the Global COVID Summit. I implore you to do everything humanly possible to protect the public from these shots.


Joseph Sansone, PhD