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Greece to open hotels, summer cinemas, pools starting June 1

Hotels, summer cinemas, swimming pools, marriage agencies, golf courses and massage salons are scheduled to open up in Greece on June 1, as part of the next phase to ease strict restrictive measures introduced in early March to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, the country’s Ministry of Development and Investments representative said on Monday.

Starting Monday, June 1, hotels operating 12 months out of the year (seasonal hotels will start working on June 15), campsites and campgrounds (with the exception of children’s camps), summer cinemas, and banquet catering organizations, buffets and canteens in sports facilities, swimming pools for individual visits (sports teams were previously allowed), golf courses or mini-golf have all been allowed to open. Library and archival activities, weddings and a number of other recreational activities, the work of marriage agencies, tattoo parlors, piercing and massage salons, cultural associations and unions without the right to hold mass events are also opening up.

Sunday markets and fairs will start working again. All of these organizations are required to comply with the rules of social distance to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

After an 83-day break caused by measures to combat coronavirus, kindergartens adapted to new working conditions will be re-opened. Both the Greek Interior Ministry and most of the country’s municipalities have declared their full readiness for the normal operation of kindergartens in order to ensure the return of about 90,000 children to 1,600 municipal kindergartens in conditions of maximum safety for children and staff. Starting Monday, classes will begin again in elementary and specialized schools, which have been closed since March. Schools were opened earlier and the school year will last until June 26.

Tourist season

The tourist season in Greece actually starts with the opening of year-round hotels on June 1. On May 25, ferry trips to the islands resumed in the country and the number of domestic flights have increased. At that time, restaurants, cafes, bars and other catering establishments began operating, before that, they only offer the “carry-out” option. So far, they can serve customers in open-air seating only, but it is expected that by June 15, they will be able to welcome people inside as well. Tourists have been allowed into the Acropolis of Athens and over 200 more open-air archaeological sites since May 18.

On May 29, the Greek Tourism Ministry put out a list of countries that will be able to send tourists starting June 15 on flights to Athens and Thessaloniki. According to the press service, a list of 29 countries was formed after studying the epidemiological profile of countries of tourists’ origin and taking into account the announcements made on May 28 by the European Aviation Safety Agency, as well as based on the relevant recommendation of the Greek Committee on Infectious Diseases.

The list includes Albania, Australia, Austria, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Estonia, Japan, Israel, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Latvia, Lebanon, Lithuania, Malta, Montenegro, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Finland.

Regarding visitors from these countries, selective coronavirus monitoring will be carried out. The list of countries will be expanded to tourists that can come to Greece starting July 1. Epidemiological monitoring and assessment of the situation in this area will continue.

As of May 31, the number of those infected with the coronavirus in Greece since February 27 was 2,917, most of them have gotten better. In three months, 175 people died with confirmed infection. Since the beginning of the pandemic, more than 6 mln people have been infected with the coronavirus worldwide, approximately 367,000 have died.

Header: A waitress wearing a home made protective floral mask and pink gloves serves clients at a thematic outdoor cafe in Athens on May 29, 2020, as cafes, bars and restaurants reopen after a two-month-long closure aimed at stemming the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, caused by the novel coronavirus. (Photo by Louisa GOULIAMAKI / AFP)

Original: TASS