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Green Pass

In a previous text we showed the unjust discrimination of a class of citizens excluded from normal social life that follows the introduction of the so-called Green Pass.

This discrimination is a necessary and calculated consequence, but not the main purpose of the introduction of the Green Pass, which is aimed not at excluded citizens, but at the whole population who have it.

The purpose that governments pursue through it is, in fact, a meticulous and unconditional control over any movement of citizens, completely analogous to the internal passport that in the Soviet regime everyone had to have in order to move from one city to another.

In this case, however, the control is even more absolute, because it concerns any movement of the citizen, who will have to show the Green Pass at every movement, even to go to the cinema, attend a concert or sit in a restaurant.

The non-registered citizen will, paradoxically, be freer than the one who owns one and the mass of registered citizens should be protesting and rebelling, who from now on will be registered, monitored and controlled to an unprecedented extent even in the regimes more totalitarian.

It is significant that China has announced that it will maintain its tracking and control systems even after the end of the pandemic. As it should be evident, in the Green Pass health is not in question, but population control, and sooner or later, the members of the society will have the opportunity to understand it at their expense.

Source: Giorgio Agamben – Quodlibet

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