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GSS surveilled Netanyahu protesters’ phones

The GSS surveilled WhatsApp messages of Netanyahu residence protesters for fear that they intended to breach the Prime Minister’s residence and also tie themselves to the fence of the residence. This was first reported tonight on Channel 13 News.

The report states the surveillance commenced after last Saturday night, when Netanyahu was taken to a side room and secured at the residence.

Following this, the GSS and the police decided to take dramatic measures that had not been taken so far against the demonstrators, and received a permit to enter mobile devices as well as orders to search protesters’ homes.

The GSS responded: “The General Security Service acts in accordance with the law for the protection of state security, the rules of democratic government and its institutions. To the extent that such a threat is identified, the GSS operates in accordance with the tools available to it in accordance with the law and in cooperation with other relevant authorities, including the Israel Police.”

The Black Flag movement responded: “The State of Israel is headed by an accused criminal; this impossible situation causes chaos in the State of Israel. A protest against government corruption is a democratic, non-violent protest and any attempt to portray the protesters as violent itself is incitement.”

Source: Arutz Sheva