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Hadassah director: “We already had a lockdown. It doesn’t help”

Hadassah Medical Center Director-General Professor Zeev Rotstein addressed the severe spike in coronavirus cases in Israel in an interview with 103FM just before the imposition of a second general lockdown on Israel’s citizens.

In the interview, Prof. Rotstein said that lockdowns have been tried before and have been proven to not be effective, and called on the government to learn from its past mistakes. “The government has not mobilized for a war against the coronavirus.”

Professor Rotstein suggested that residents who fit the ‘super-spreader’ profile should go get tested, thus completely preventing the onset of large chains of infections.

Later, he also referred to the situation of hospitals across the country, and criticized the Finance Ministry: “Enough of drying up the hospitals and being cruel to them. Let us function, recruit more nurses and more doctors.”

Source: Arutz Sheva