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Haftar’s forces (LNA) deployed en-masse around Tripoli

It is not announced what specifically the operation would ensue, just that troops are being mobilized.

Meanwhile, the LNA air force carried out heavy air strikes and shelling on Government of National Accord (GNA) forces, as well as the Syrian militants deployed by Turkey in the area of Misrata.

GNA vehicles were also destroyed by the LNA.

The LNA spokesman, Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mismari, on March 15th, held a press conference.

Mesmari asserted that the Libyan Armed Forces agreed to the truce but would never accept threats by militias. The LNA spokesperson stated that Misrata militias attempts to attack the forces in Al Jufra and Sirte using advanced ammunition and drones supplied by Turkey.

The LNA spokesperson also disclosed an attempt by militias to target Al Jufra Airbase by a Turkish-made drone that was downed by the LNA southern Libya.

Mesmari stated that the Turkish spheres of influence in Libya are Misrata, Tripoli, and Zuwara saying that the LNA has spotted all the locations of Turkish troops in Libya.

The LNA spokesperson accused Turkey of transporting 300-400 mercenaries to Libya weekly by civilian aircrafts and ships that are protected by international laws. A number of those ships carry the flags of certain countries. For instance, a ship carrying mercenaries was raising the flag of Lebanon.

Mesmari declared that the number of Turkish officers on Libyan soil has reached 1,000 while that of mercenaries has recorded 7,500. Mesmari stated that the LNA struck Turkish targets in Mitiga International Airport.

Mesmari revealed that the LNA has 85,000 soldiers, and that 7,000 were ”martyred” since the launching operation to capture Tripoli from the enemy was launched in April 2019. That is in addition to thousands of injuries.

On the side of the GNA, there appears to be infighting as a video purportedly showed factions within the GNA forces attack each other.