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Half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure damaged by Russia – minister

Half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has been damaged by Russian strikes, with some facilities knocked out of service for good, Energy Minister German Galushchenko said on Saturday.

Speaking on national TV, Galushchenko summed up the results of the Russian missile attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure, saying that the Ukrainian authorities registered 271 hits between October 10, 2022 and March 9, 2023.

  • “In terms of losses, 50% of the entire power grid system, including generation assets and the transmission system, has been hit by Russian strikes,” he stated, as quoted by local media.

“Unfortunately, some facilities have been completely destroyed and cannot be restored.”

The energy minister said the Ukrainian authorities have embarked on the largest repair campaign in the country’s history. “The scale of destruction is enormous, and we have the task of restoring as much as possible by the next heating season.”

He noted that the World Bank had estimated the damage to the energy infrastructure at $11 billion, but added that this figure is even higher as it does not take into account attacks that occurred after the assessment was completed.

In late May, Galushchenko announced an increase in energy tariffs. He explained at the time that Kiev was unable to maintain the discount rates, citing Russian attacks on the energy infrastructure and the fact that Ukraine no longer controls the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant, the largest facility of its kind in Europe, as well as the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam, which was destroyed last month.

Russia significantly stepped up missile strikes on Ukraine’s energy facilities after a deadly blast on the Crimean Bridge last October, which Moscow says was orchestrated by Kiev’s intelligence service. While Ukraine has denied responsibility, officials in Kiev have hinted at their role in the blast on numerous occasions.

Source: RT