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Hamas claims ‘many’ hostages have been killed, says ‘global resistance’ will expand

A spokesman for the Hamas terror group claims that “many” of the hostages held in the Gaza Strip are likely to have been killed, blaming Israel for their fate.

“The fate of many of the enemy’s hostages and detainees has become unknown in recent weeks and the rest are all in the tunnel of the unknown due to the Zionist aggression,” Abu Obeida says in a televised statement.

  • “Most likely, many of them were killed recently, the rest are in great danger every hour and the enemy’s leadership and army bear full responsibility.”

He adds that “any talks before stopping the Israeli aggression are worthless.”

Abu Obeida also says that Hamas has been told by “several parties in the resistance fronts that they will expand their strikes on the Israeli enemy in the coming days.”

Source: TOI