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Hamas reveals additional details on Jaballiah ambushes, shares details of captured Israeli soldier

  • The video begins with a recorded message from a previous statement made by the group’s military spokesperson, Abu Obeida, telling Israelis that the IDF have been scouring the piles of rubble in search of the remains of the Israeli hostages they deliberately bombed while throwing thousands of soldiers in Gazan alleys, sacrificing them for the personal gains and interests of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his extremist government.

After that, the video details the ambush that took place in the Jabalia refugee camp in northern Gaza on May 25 and resulted in the capture of alleged IDF soldiers.

The group said that its fighters first lured a group of Israeli soldiers to one of the tunnels in Jabalia according to the pre-agreed plan.

  • “Upon the arrival of the Israeli soldiers at the ambush site inside the tunnel, al-Qassam fighters engaged them at point-blank range, eliminating two soldiers and detonating the tunnel entrance,” it added in the video.

Subsequently, the IDF dug the area around the tunnel entrance, believing that the fighters had withdrawn from inside it. However, the fighters hid inside the tunnel and planted several disguised explosive devices within it.

The IDF then deployed reinforcements into the tunnel. After one of the devices was triggered and was within range of the fighters, they opened fire from point-blank range, detonating the device.

  • After that, the fighters detonated the tunnel after withdrawing from it, leaving several Israeli soldiers killed, wounded, and captured, in addition to seizing several equipment from the soldiers, according to the video narrating the events.
  • The group also released A photo of one of the killed soldiers, saying it was holding his body captive. Speaking to the Israeli leadership, the group said, “You know him very well, why are you lying to your audience? Is he one of the mercenaries you have not announced since October 7? Or is your racism manifested even when differentiating between your dead?”

When Hamas first announced the ambush, the IDF swiftly denied that any of its troops were captured in Jabalia or any other part of Gaza.

“The IDF clarifies that there is no incident of a soldier’s kidnapping,” the military said in a brief statement at the time.

Observers speculated that the soldiers captured in Jabalia were not from the IDF, but rather from an Israeli security agency or foreign mercenaries.

The video released by Hamas will likely increase pressure on the Israeli government to accept the deal proposed earlier this week by United States President Joe Bide.

The deal could secure the release of all remaining Israeli captives in Gaza. However, Israel will have to permanently ceasefire, lift the siege and withdraw all forces from the Strip.

Source: Southfront

Header: File: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (left) and IDF chief Herzi Halevi at the start of a security cabinet meeting in Tel Aviv, November 16, 2023. (Haim Zach/GPO)