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Health Minister attacks ‘perverse practices’ of women

The Russian government should reverse the trend in which many women put off having children for the sake of a career, Health Minister Mikhail Murashko said on Tuesday. He also listed lowering the number of abortions in the country as a priority.

Speaking before lawmakers in the lower chamber of the Russian parliament, Murashko insisted that the importance of motherhood should be explained to women starting from school.

  • The minister claimed that a “perverse practice formed in society when the conviction appeared that a woman first has to receive education, build a career, ensure financial security, and only then to get around to giving birth.”

According to Murashko, by postponing motherhood, women face an increased risk of infertility and miscarriage.

  • “The situation needs to be reviewed,” he said, adding that the “earlier she gives birth, the better for a woman’s health, the health of her children and her career at the end of the day.”

He also stressed the need to lower the number of abortions performed in Russia, saying that banning private clinics from performing the procedure should be considered.

On Monday, Murashko suggested that the sale of drugs that are used to terminate pregnancy could be restricted by the end of the year.

Source: RT