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Israel Health Minister: Dramatic steps may lie ahead as medical teams excel

Health Minister Ya’akov Litzman announced that he is prepared to take whatever dramatic steps may be necessary to protect the Israeli public from the coronavirus. At the same time, he praised the “holy work” of Israeli medical personnel.

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus infection jumped to 677, the Health Ministry announced Thursday night.

This is an increase of over 100 over the previous number of 573 which had been reported just a few hours earlier.

The Director General of the Health Ministry has declared that “time is on our side in the battle against the coronavirus as we stock up on necessary medical equipment and supplies.”

The Defense Ministry is to procure 2,500 ventilators. 1,500 of them will be manufactured in Israel and 1,000 imported at a total cost of 50 million shekels ($13.7 million).

Prime Minister Netanyahu declared that “We are going all out to protect our doctors, nurses, and medical technicians. They are doing tremendous work despite personal danger.”

In response to media claims that Israel lacks critical medical supplies, Netanyahu stated that “despite international shortages in these supplies, Israel is making every effort to supply what is lacking.”




Medical personnel on the front lines of the battle against coronavirus were thanked and applauded by the citizens across Israel at 6 PM Thursday.

Prime Minister Netanyahu and his wife were filmed thanking and clapping for Israel’s medical teams from their Jerusalem residence on Balfour Street.