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High speed fan collision leaves Tour de France star with broken neck

Tour de France cyclist Daniel Oss broke his his neck when he collided with spectators, forcing him to exit this year’s competition.

  • Oss, an Italian cyclist competing with the road racing team Team TotalEnergies, collided with fans during Wednesday’s Stage 5, which took racers 157 kilometers (97.5 miles) between the cities of Lille and Arenberg, France, according to the Tour de France website.

Footage of the accident posted to Twitter appears to show 35-year-old Oss colliding with a fan wearing a yellow shirt before he plunged into another spectator who leaned into the race path to film riders as they passed by.

  • Two other cyclists appeared to fall off their bicycles in the collision, too.

Source: PEOPLE

A high speed collision with a careless fan led to Italian cyclist Daniel Oss breaking his neck during the Tour de France.

The 35-year old cyclist rode his bike into the fan during Stage 5 of the race after the fan leaned into the oncoming path of the bicycles so he could film them with his phone, the New York Post reported.

Footage showed Oss crashing into the spectator area beside the race path and then being launched off his bicycle. The crash also caused multiple fans to smash into the ground, but no details have been given of any fan injuries.

Oss got up from the accident and was able to ride his bike to the finish line. However, scans performed on him showed he had fractured his neck.

“Additional examinations revealed a fracture of a cervical vertebra requiring immobilization for a few weeks,” his racing team TotalEnergies tweeted.

“Daniel Oss is therefore forced to leave the Tour de France…The whole team wishes you a good recovery Daniel.”

  • Cyclist Michael Gogl was also forced to leave the race as a result of the crash, which caused him to have a broken pelvis and collarbone requiring surgery.

Source: Arutz Sheva