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Holocaust survivor: Lapid said ‘Get off the plane together with me, this is our victory’

Shoshana Trister, a Holocaust survivor who accompanied Prime Minister Yair Lapid on his flight to Germany, recounted the moments before the landing which shook her up.

“We were told that a team from the German army guard would receive us with a red carpet. I immediately told the person in charge of the delegation:

‘Do I have to get off the plane the same path? I’m not interested.’ I shut the windows and didn’t want to see the army personnel,” Trister told Israel National News.

Then, to her surprise, the Prime Minister approached her.

  • “For some reason, Prime Minister Yair Lapid came to me. He told me: ‘Get off the plane together with me, this is our victory.’ He held my hand and I told him that their hats bring back difficult memories. He asked me to get off the plane with him and replied to me: ‘You will not look at them but rather at me, and you are with me.’ That’s how he accompanied me until I got off the plane.”

Source: Arutz Sheva