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The footage was recovered from a quadcopter drone of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) that crashed in Gaza, according to the Qatar-based channel.

The quadcopter tracked the four youth, who were clearly unarmed, and later recorded how they were targeted by an Israeli combat drone. The group was first targeted with two projectiles. Two were killed on the spot. The remaining two fled in different directions, still they were later targeted each with a projectile. Their bodies were shredded into pieces.

The four youths were reportedly in Khan Younis to check on their houses. The IDF occupied vast parts of the city and displaced most of its residents since last December as a part of its war against the Hamas Movement and other Palestinian armed factions.

The IDF has not yet released any statement addressing the horrifying footage released by Al Jazeera, likely to avoid admitting responsibility for the crime.

The footage led to a backlash against Israel across social media, with many observers calling its an evidence of the ongoing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

Since the outbreak of the war after the October 7 Hamas-led surprise attack on Israel, at least 31,988 Palestinians have been killed and more than 74,188 have been wounded by IDF fire.

The systematic targeting of vital facilities and the restriction of aid entering the Strip by Israel have also led to a serious humanitarian disaster with widespread hunger.

Despite facing much criticism over the humanitarian situation in Gaza and failing to achieve any of its stated goals, Israel appears to be determined to go on with its war with full support from its top ally and backer, the United States.

The IDF has been openly preparing to launch an offensive in the southern Gaza city of Rafah near the border with Egypt where more than 1,5 million Palestinians are currently taking shelter.

The horrific crime scene in Al Jazeera footage will be repeated dozens, if not hundreds of times if Israel troops attacked the area.

Source: South Front