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Hostages’ family member: ‘IDF’s conceptual approach collapsed, Hamas understood this’

Avichai Brodetz, whose family was captured and taken to Gaza by Hamas, visited the Channel 12 News studio and directed severe criticism at MK Boaz Bismuth (Likud), who was present as well.

“My family was not captured because of Hamas, they were captured because there was no army to protect them,” Brodetz accused.

  • He explained: “Hamas is very small compared to Israel. The army could easily have destroyed them, but the entire conceptual approach of the IDF collapsed. Hamas understood this, and they were far more clever than we were. They carried out an exceptional operation, raped our women, and killed our children, because the IDF was not there.”

“This did not happen because of Hamas but because of the conceptual approach you used. It would have been so easy to destroy Hamas with tanks and planes – but they simply weren’t there,” Brodetz added.

  • “You are living in a fantasy and blaming Hamas when it is you yourselves who are to blame. I saw them coming towards my house with my own eyes. I did not see tanks, helicopters, or soldiers – nothing. The problem was you. Get that into your heads, and perhaps then you will be able to solve the problem,” he concluded.

Source: Arutz Sheva