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Memorial Day: ‘I am a captive’: Leah Goldin urges return of son’s remains from Gaza

The mother of an Israeli soldier whose remains are being held in the Gaza Strip published a video Tuesday in which she urged the return of her son’s body, saying that she, too, was being held captive by the situation.

Leah Goldin, whose son Hadar was killed during the 2014 Operation Protective Edge in Gaza, released the video ahead of the annual Memorial Day for fallen soldiers and terror attack victims, which began Tuesday evening and continues Wednesday.

“In particular on Memorial Day, it is important for me to mention: Our Hadar, a venerable commander in the Givati Brigade unit, who was sent by you into battle in the Protective Edge war, is a fallen soldier and not a body. Hadar is not missing, but held captive by Hamas in Gaza, an hour’s journey from the Defense Minister’s office in the Kirya [military base] in Tel Aviv.”

This is not a personal struggle of the Goldin family, we are fighting for the national ethos — soldiers from battle are returned in any situation.”

Hamas, which rules Gaza, is believed to be holding the remains of Israeli soldiers Oron Shaul and Hadar Goldin, whose bodies were captured by the terror group after they were killed in the Strip during the 2014 war.