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I am thinked

Yes, you are — your existence is — thinked by someone else. You are nothing than someone else’s idea. The one who names you, who is calling on your name is controlling you totally. If you are not aware of this you are like Super Mario. And the list of quotations flows, flows away:
Our environment seems less like matter and more like an extension of the mind that controls it.
Simulation, the ultimate imitation of life, becomes a wall that stands between us and the true experience of life.
Symbolic arenas are acts of self- and world-repair: they allow us to face and overcome simulated dangers and problems, which are a more exciting version of what we face in everyday life. In these characteristics, they are similar to daydreams, in which we convert our defeats into victories and our losses into gains to bolster the sense of safety and self-esteem.
Consumer culture now mass produces simulations that are used as substitutes for desired goods we can’t have or can’t have without paying some price.
We have created a society in which much of the culture and politics, as well as the economy, is geared toward mass producing, and consuming, simulations.
We now routinely experience simulation confusion, in which we mistake realism for reality and think some of these fakes and simulations really are what they imitate.