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I can’t believe there’s no butter! ToI’s sleuth churns a spreading Israel crisis

The Times of Israel contacted representatives of Israel’s dairy farmers, food producers and the government to find out what is going on. All agreed that there is a shortage. (Hurrah.) But they disagreed on its cause and insisted that the answer is “complicated.” (Oy.)

”The Economy Ministry foresaw that there would be a shortage of butter this year, and therefore issued two tenders that would allow importers to bring in butter without paying tariffs as they normally would be required to do. But importers had little incentive to import expensive foreign butter when they initially had to sell it at the regulated price of NIS 3.94 (1.00 EUR / 1.12 USD) per 100 grams…”

“Israeli consumers are not interested in imported butter and clearly prefer the butter of Israeli producers like Tnuva and Tara due to considerations of habit, price and taste.”

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