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‘I married a hologram’

“I married a hologram” is a film about a Japanese man who tied the knot with Miku, a Vocaloid hologram and a doll.

Akihiko calls himself fictosexual — a person who is drawn to anime and cartoon characters.

Though his love lives in virtual reality, the wedding was genuine, and so was the wedding dress. It was made by Miku’s fan, who identifies herself as the doll’s mother. She is a long-time Miku follower and a florist by trade. She was so excited about Akihiko’s wedding; she offered to design the wedding bouquet and then made two gowns for Miku. She was among the friends who accepted Akihiko’s unconventional love. However, his relatives and colleagues at the school where he works as a consultant resented the idea and didn’t even come to the wedding. On the other hand, the younger generation, Akihiko’s students, welcomed the choice and wished him all the best.

The trend to marry fictional or online characters still sounds bizarre, yet it’s gaining more and more adherents in Japan. For example, Akihiko’s friend Akihiro Nakamura is married to an online game character. He doesn’t even know who hides behind the avatar and has no desire of finding out. Many guests who attended Akihiko’s wedding ceremony also married their favourite fictional characters. They all see this tendency as very promising and hope it will gain more support.

And they’re right. They’re already enjoying support from the Space Dimension Crossing Bureau. The job of this agency is to register such marriages. And it stays pretty busy. Two weeks after the opening, and they already married 3,805 couples. People can marry their favourite anime or manga characters or online game companions, like Akihiro Nakamura.

Akihiko loves his virtual wife because she will not leave him; she won’t have an affair or die. However, two years after the wedding, Gatebox stopped supporting the Miku hologram.

Now Akihiko only has the doll versions of his spouse, and he is distraught. She no longer wishes him good morning and greets him after work — she used to turn the light on when he was back home.

This still doesn’t convince him to look towards “3D women”, how he calls them.

He is adamant that no woman will ever be able to make him leave Miku.

00:00​ – 00:06​ Intro
00:06​ Akihiko’s wedding ceremony
01:15​ Akihiko’s daily routine
02:51​ Miku: a doll and a hologram
04:04​ Introducing Miku’s mother
05:05​ The story of Miku’s wedding dress
06:27​ Honeymoon trip to Miku’s home town
06:43​ Snowy Miku Festival
07:00​ Miku’s fans threaten Akihiko
07:46​ Who are fictosexuals?
09:08​ Wedding vows
10:00​ Miku’s Birthday
10:32​ Building relationships in online games

Source: RT