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Ichilov Hospital CEO: Rise in coronavirus infections ‘NOT a second wave’

Ronnie Gamzu, CEO of Tel Aviv’s Ichilov Hospital on Monday said a recent rise in the number of new daily coronavirus cases is not the start of a “second wave” of the epidemic in Israel.

“The number of infected [at the moment] is not a second wave, but a technical change in a reasonable number of infected for an economy that is almost entirely open,” he wrote on his Twitter account.

“Further steps must be taken to return to normal – restart the trains and return the economy to its full capacity in order to save it.”

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein on Monday insisted the economy and railway traffic should reopen as planned despite the increase in the number of coronavirus diagnoses.

“Minimum danger, maximum protection,” he said at the start of a special cabinet meeting meant to decide whether to postpone lifting more restrictions.

“The police must go back to strong enforcement [of health orders] in malls, buses, trains, restaurants, event halls and elsewhere to make the public more disciplined.”

Source: YNET