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IDF: Hostage Yossi Sharabi was likely killed in collapse of building close to IDF strike

The IDF has presented its investigation into the death of hostage Yossi Sharabi in the Gaza Strip to his family.

  • According to the IDF’s probe, Sharabi was likely killed in a building that collapsed, close to another building that was targeted by the military.

Still, the IDF investigation finds that it cannot entirely rule out the possibility that Sharabi was murdered by his captors.

The building that was struck was hit according to the IDF’s protocols, the probe finds.

The probe says the IDF had intelligence information that an attack against troops was planned from the building.

The IDF still says it has drawn lessons from the incident and will implement them in future strikes.

In the same building where Sharabi was killed, two more hostages were held by Hamas, Itay Svirsky and Noa Argamani.

The IDF still assesses that Svirsky was later killed by Hamas terrorists in Gaza, and did not die in another strike as the terror group has claimed.

Argamani is believed by the IDF to be alive.

  • Sharabi’s and Svirsky’s bodies remain held in Gaza.

Source: Emanuel Fabian – TOI

  • “I was located in a building,” Argamani said in the Hamas video. “It was bombed by an IDF airstrike, an F16 fighter jet. Three rockets were fired. Two of the rockets exploded, and the other didn’t. We were in the building with Al Qassam soldiers and three hostages: Myself, Noa Argamani, Itai Svirsky, and Yossef Sharabi.
  • “After the building we were in was hit, we were all buried under rubble. Al Qassam soldiers saved my life, and Itai’s, unfortunately, we were not able to save Yossi’s.
  • “After many days…two nights, Itai and I were relocated to another place. While we were being transported, Itai was hit by an IDF airstrike. He did not survive.”

The IDF’s position is that Svirsky was shot and murdered by Hamas.

Hamas has a track record of engaging in psychological warfare.

  • “Itai Svirsky and Yossi Sharabi,” Argamani added in the video.
  • “They died because of our own IDF airstrikes. Stop this madness and bring us home to our families. While we are still alive, bring us home.”

Svirsky was kidnapped from Kibbutz Be’eri on October 7 during Hamas’s rampage through the southern Israeli community. The 38-year-old had been staying with his mother, Orit, 70, at the time.

He and his mother had been hiding under blankets in the safe room when the terrorists stormed in and sprayed the room with bullets, killing Orit.

Itai’s father, Rafi, 71, was also murdered, along with his three golden retrievers.

Sharabi and his son, Oren, 13, had also been kidnapped from the Kibbutz. Oren was returned during a round of hostage/prisoner exchanges.

  • Sam Halpern and Noa Feigenbaum contributed to this report.

Source: JPost