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IDF preparing for strategy shift? Hamas won’t be defeated in current campaign

A senior military source claimed that the IDF is preparing for a change in the fighting strategy in Gaza.

The source notes that it would take at least a year of fighting until Hamas is eliminated.

  • The IDF announced today (Tuesday) that Sergeant Daniel Nachmani, 21 years old from Kfar Saba, a fighter in the 71st Battalion, died of his wounds after being hit in an operational activity in northern Israel on Friday. In the same event, Major General Amit Hod Ziv was killed by Hezbollah fire.

Earlier, the names of two more soldiers were released for publication – reserve sergeant Elisha Yehonatan Lober, 24 years old from Yitzhar, a combat soldier in Battalion 8104; reserve lieutenant colonel Yosef Gitarts, 25 years old from Tel Aviv, an armored soldier in Battalion 7029, who fell in battle in the southern Gaza Strip.

The number of casualties since the beginning of the war has risen to 492.

Source: Arutz Sheva