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‘If Israel is abandoned, Netanyahu will bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities’

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is prepared to use military force to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities, the head of Israel’s National Security Council said Monday.

Speaking with Channel 12 during the ceremony Monday marking the transfer of control of the IDF from outgoing chief of staff Aviv Kochavi to his successor, Herzi Halevi, National Security Council chief Tzachi Hanegbi said that should Israel find itself isolated and without alternatives vis-à-vis Iran’s nuclear program, Netanyahu would undoubtedly use force to prevent Tehran from realizing its atomic ambitions.

“If we are abandoned, Prime Minister Netanyahu will attack Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

Hanegbi, a long-time ally of Netanyahu who thrice served as minister in the prime minister’s office and also served as acting prime minister in Netanyahu’s stead, said Israel has been preparing for a scenario in which it must act alone against Iran.

  • “This is not a change, the previous government also said that it is preparing the defense forces…for a situation in which we are on our own.”
  • “The central mission of the prime minister and his primary obligation is to ensure that Iran does not obtain nuclear weapons. The alternative to an attack is accepting a reality in which a radical regime has nuclear weapons. No Israeli leader can accept that.”

Netanyahu himself hinted Monday at a possible military confrontation with Iran, saying that Israel “won’t wait until the sword is on our neck, but we also won’t be dragged into unnecessary wars.”

Source: David Rosenberg – Arutz Sheva